• Celebration Collection

    Whether hosting a holiday party or toasting to the new year, the new customized GOVINO® award-winning 16oz Wine Glass is a must-have for any celebration. Ideal for all wine, as well as any other beverage, GOVINO is perfect for any small or large gathering. Best of all, GOVINO is top rack dishwasher safe. Why risk broken glass when you can ‘go anywhere™’ with GOVINO? Cheers to that!

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    NOW AVAILABLE – Order our Decanter &
    Glass Gift Set, an ideal gift. The
    Gift Set includes Govino Decanter and two
    ‘Award Winning’ Govino Go-Anywhere glasses.
    Oh.. and their Dishwasher Safe!

  • New Dishwasher Safe Govino - Now Available

    Govino… the very first and only unbreakable wine glass
    to be validated and accepted by the industry!

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  • Made for brew !

    or brewskies or cider or lager or pilsner
    or ale or IPA or stout or malt or
    hefewizen or marzen…

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  • It’s Cocktail Hour...

    Classic cocktails are back! Enjoy iconic tastes with
    legendary tales – all simple to mix and serve in our
    iconic Govino Cocktail Glass.

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    “Come quickly ! I’m tasting stars!” Dom Pierre Perignon,
    French Benedictine Monk, (1638 – 1715)

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  • Let It Breath !! The Multi Award Winning Govino Decanter

    Bring your wine poolside! The Govino decanter enables you to decant and aerate an entire bottle of wine and take it anywhere.

    Go Anywhere wine Glass

    Where wine meets design. The award-winning govino wine glass reflects a wine’s colour and projects its aromatics much like fine crystal.

  • Affordable Luxury

    Designed for the ultimate enjoyment of all things wine…


Wine By Design…


Born from Northern California’s wine country, Govino was the first drinkware made from ultra-thin polymer that delivers crystal-like clarity. Shatterproof, odourless and BPA-free, Govino’s award winning design reflects colour, projects aromatics, and maintains the integrity of flavour profiles — allowing people to enjoy wine, beer, cocktails, and other inspired beverages wherever they may be. And to top it off, the stemless drinkware are reusable and recyclable, as well as manufactured in the U.S.A

Originally created as a trade tool for professionals to showcase their wines, co-founders Joseph T. Perrulli and Boyd Willat quickly realised the unmet need for alternatives to traditional stemware extended far beyond the professional sphere. Spearheading a new category of highly functional yet accessible drinkware, Govino has received numerous design awards including the Industrial Designers Society of America’s IDEA Bronze 2012 and Silver 2010, and the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design’s Good Design Award 2010.

Govino USA has been designing, manufacturing and marketing their innovative glassware to the North American market, enriching people’s lives using modern design, food-safe materials, unique functionality and high quality craftsmanship. They are eco-friendly and promote an enjoyable lifestyle. Throughout our entire product line, you will find innovative features, such as our ergonomic thumb notch and our crystal clear, 100% BPA Free polymer.

Govino is available coast-to-coast at vineyards & wineries, fine wine shops, as well as gift, houseware and specialty stores. Check out the Stockist Locator to find Govino in your area.


Australia Wide FREE Delivery*

Govino offers FREE Australia Wide Delivery on all orders over $50. Your order is despatched via one of our delivery partners and includes full tracking.

Award Wining

Govino continues to strive in excellence, with numerous international design awards. Govino is the original ‘Go Anywhere Wine Glass”.

Secure Payment

All payments to Govino are handled by PayPal, offering the latest technology in secure encryption and buyer protection. We accept all major credit cards as well as direct deposit.

Customer Support

Govino prides itself on Customer Support. Please feel free to contact our team at sales@govino.com.au for all your customer service needs or questions.

Our Green Credentials…

• Govino™ copolyester is a tough, BPA-free plastic used to make various products that you use every day. It is impact and shatterproof. Plus, they stay clear and durable even after years of repeated use and dishwasher cycles.

• Govino™ is safe for you and your family. It has been rigorously tested by third-party labs to ensure its safety. It is completely free of bisphenol A (BPA), bisphenol S and any other bisphenol compounds as well as estrogenic and androgenic activity. But not only is Govino chemically safe, it’s shatterproof too, so the only thing you have to worry about when someone knocks over your Govino is cleaning up spills.

• Bisphenol A (BPA) is a compound used in specific plastics, including polycarbonate (PC). BPA also is used in a coating to prevent deterioration of the metal surface in canned foods. There is no BPA in any Govino™ product.

• BPA is not and has never been an ingredient or byproduct in the production of Govino™. Validation that Govino is a BPA-free plastic is supported by robust testing and independent third-party testing by accredited laboratories.

• We’ve put Govino™ through comprehensive, independent, third-party testing using respected scientific tests to demonstrate that Govino is EA- and AA-Free.

• Govino™ is not only BPS-free, it is free of all bisphenols and chemicals with similar structures as BPA and BPS.

• Govino™ is shatterproof, so while it has the looks and clarity of glass, it won’t break when you drop it or toss it in the bottom of your backpack. It can take all the bumps and drops of daily life and even survive some of the not-so-typical stresses. Hundreds of dishwasher cycles, several hiking trips and even a few really long falls. Govino™ outlasts glass, plastics and just about every other material, proven through third-party testing.

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